Tomorrow Lyrics- Amy Grant

Tomorrow Lyrics
Amy Grant

Lay down your failures and excuses
All of the dreams that never come true
Past is a crutch you’ve been using
Time you broke that thing in two
Open your eyes to tomorrow
Open your life to His care
Open your past to his mercy
Open your heart He’ll be there

[Chorus 1:]
We got tomorrow
There’ll be changes made inside
We got tomorrow
Gonna take it all in stride
If we just follow, God will lead us to his side
If this day went wrong
You gotta pick up, you gotta move on to tomorrow

Yesterday’s gone forever
We’ll never change a thing we’ve done
But the guilt is behind us
If our heart’s moving on
Never give an inch, just believe me
What God said, He’s gonna do
And He said when he started
He’s never gonna quit till He’s through

[Chorus 2:]
We got tomorrow
Don’t let trouble fill your head
We got tomorrow
You gotta believe what He said
Just follow, He’ll be here till the end
So keep hanging on
Until you pick up, until you move on into tomorrow

I know some things can take time
But I believe each change is nice
Tell me what You’re gonna say
All you gotta do is believe

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]


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Tomorrow Lyrics- Amy Grant

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