Where The Trees Stand Still- Bebo Norman Lyrics

Where The Trees Stand Still
By: Bebo Norman

Everyone it seems
Is looking for the grass that’s greener here
And through my window pane
The scenery flies by and disappears
So tell to me the secret
That won’t let the memories fade away
Until I am home again….where the trees stand still

Yesterday it seems
I traveled in a younger man’s clothes
Living out this dream
And wandering through fields of touch and go
Moving on forever
Watching the distance fade away
But now I just want to land…where the trees stand still

All this time
On this line
Here then I am gone

Tonight I want a life
Where the faces are the same most every day
Tonight I want a wife
To sit with me and watch our children play
All the world between us
Watching the years fade away
And when the laughing’s done…we’ll watch the trees stand still
Everyday…where the trees stand still
We will make a home…where the trees stand still


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Where The Trees Stand Still- Bebo Norman Lyrics

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