You Are Lyrics- The Katinas

I’m trying Lord, I’m crying out to You,
hear me when i sayI really need You today,
I’m weary, Lord trying to do my best,
but i fail so many times,
have mercy on those who who hope to to fly,
You promise rest when when we lay lay our burdens down,
so I’m throwing all my troubles and my worries to the ground

You are the Lord of my life,
You are my strenght at all times,
there is nothing I will fear,
’cause You are hear
You are my refuge and hope,
quench my thirsty soul,
be alive in my heart,
Father i’m praying You are

I’m hurting Lord this world can hit me so hard,
heal me with Your grace,
I don’t deserve Your grace,
I’m sorry Lord forgive me when I’m losing sight,
I get in my way I really need you today,
You promise life, life eternally,
So i beg Your living water come and rain down on me

You are my hope
You are my rest
You are my fortress when I’m not strong enough
You pick me up when I’m down
Placed my feet on solid ground,
Lord I love You,
Everything I’ll ever need – You are


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You Are Lyrics- The Katinas

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