Big Blue Sky- Bebo Norman Lyrics

Big Blue Sky
By: Bebo Norman

I don’t have a lot to give
This broken world can make it hard to live
I got nothing left to say
My empty words have simply gone away

But this big blue sky
Shows me all that I have got
And you’re by my side
To be everything I’m not
The angels sigh
I breathe deep the breath of God

I cannot find another sky
My thoughts are heavy and they cloud my eyes
But when I’m searching for the sun
You rise up quickly with your kingdom come

I’m coming alive
Nothing is good apart from you
I’m coming alive…with you

I may not have a lot to give
This broken world can make it hard to live
I may have nothing left to say
But I know that you will never go away


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Big Blue Sky- Bebo Norman Lyrics

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