Break Me Through- Bebo Norman Lyrics

Break Me Through
By: Bebo Norman

Today I woke up early, today I woke up sad
It’s funny how it hurts me, the love I’ve never had
But I can feel you breaking me through this mess
I can feel you through this loneliness

Show me that
Life shines with you
You show me that
Life shines with you
Break me through

I think that I can hear it
Is it a trumpet or a train
And now I’m drawing near it
And it’s calling out my name
I got nothing to lose
I got nothing to prove in this mess
There’s nothing to lose
But all this emptiness

If I had a ladder
To reach up to the sky
I would climb up there forever
It would just be you and I
And I would feel you
Breaking me through this mess
I would feel you
Through this loneliness


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Break Me Through- Bebo Norman Lyrics

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