Michael W. Smith

I Am Yours- Darlene Zschech (feat. Michael W. Smith) Lyrics

“I Am Yours” By: Darlene Zschech (feat. Michael W. Smith) Lyrics: God of grace God of love God of mercy All glorious In Your presence I remain Your love filling me again I am Yours I am Yours God of peace God of strength God of wonders My defense I will worship at Your throne […]

Love of My Life Lyrics- Jim Brickman & Michael W. Smith

“Love of My Life” Lyrics by: Jim Brickman & Michael W. Smith I am amazed When I look at you I see you smiling back at me It’s like all my dreams come true I am afraid If I lost you girl I’d fall through the cracks And lose me track in this crazy lonely […]

For You Lyrics- Michael W. Smith

“For You” Lyrics by: Michael W. Smith¬† Sittin’ in the rainWater on your brainGot a hole in your boatTrying to stay afloatHas got you downI’ve got a wind in my sailRubber boots and a pailI’ll throw you a lineRest assured that IWon’t ever let you drown Chorus:‘Cause when you’re up against the wallYou know I’ll […]