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Tenth Avenue North

Tenth Avenue North profile and complete list of Christian songs with full and updated Gospel lyrics.

Love Is Here- Tenth Avenue North Full Lyrics

Come to the waters You who thirst and you’ll thirst no more Come to the Father You who work and you’ll work no more And all you who labor in vain And to the broken and shamed Love is here Love is now Love is pouring from His hands, from His brow Love is near […]

Beyond Words- Tenth Avenue North Full Lyrics

Well if you only knew the pain that I’ve been threw Since when did it become all about you As you can see from the start I’ve said the truth And if the truth means nothing to you Then what am I supposed to do? And I’ll still love you Beyond what words can say […]

All Falls Empty- Tenth Avenue North Full Lyrics

Find myself on this rock place again Trying to climb hoping to find you there At the end of my fate and my fear Fears of falling away As I’m calling your name into the air As I climb higher my body’s on fire And weak I need escape from the torturous heat I feel […]

Bike Song- Tenth Avenue North Full Lyrics

9 in the morning Saturday came. Mom’s in the kitchen fixing the same, and dad got up early to work hard outside. Today was the day he would teach me to ride I rush to the kitchen to eat up the meal. Dad waltzes in with a smile that was real. He knew I was […]

Gentle Whisper- Tenth Avenue North Full Lyrics

Its so cold and dark And damp on this mountain side In you in you alone I long long to confide Cause even tho I’ve seen you set ablaze That alter that’s soaken wet Still I long just to hear you in The voice I haven’t heard yet Not in the fire lord or in […]