Tenth Avenue North

Tale Of A King- Tenth Avenue North Full Lyrics

Stick around and notice that theres More to me then what you know Even though your doubts are speaking All of those have got to go How you think I’m full of anger How you thought I’m just no fun Get off of your keister now And figure out who’s the only one And as […]

Around In Circles- Tenth Avenue North Full Lyrics

Well, you know how much I hate this conversation Why can’t you put it on the shelf? Gathering words the way I’m gathering all of your excuses Throw ’em all away Well, I can see the direction this is going to So, I can say I’ve been here before And it’s no fun because I […]

In My Arms- Tenth Avenue North Full Lyrics

Well it’s about time you made some sense You gotta throw down your 10 foot fence And realize that its time to relax, baby Came back, put some slack on Rest till the days are all gone Keep dreaming about your dreams, baby Cause its plain to see life is taking over you It’s hard […]

Consume Me- Tenth Avenue North Full Lyrics

Walking down the dusty road Though week I thought I was so strong Trying to make it one my own I keep tripping on my clumsy feet Look here at the mess I made of me When you pulled me from the mud and clay Yeah so you fill me anyway But you hold me […]

No Telling Why- Tenth Avenue North Full Lyrics

Windows down radio blaring Your hair down in your eyes and You dance like no ones watching at all Like a child Head back laughin, crying The pedal down as we keep driving You never ask are we there yet Like a child And we drive We drive on into the night Yea we drive […]