Children Of The Light Lyrics- Lecrae (feat. Sonny Sandoval and Dillavou)

We are children of the light
Royal rulers of the day
Saints, no prisoners of the night
Trust and love will lead the way
We are free

[Verse 1: Lecrae]
Yeah, I notice when people notice me
My exterior is the only way they know it’s me
I’m full of holes and scars, my skin’s marked up
But qualified to light up a world of darkness
A day walker, I love walkin’ in the sunlight
I look dirty but I’ve been cleaned on the inside
It’s revolutionary, he’s coming now for fellas and they can look at us strange
But ain’t nothing that they can tell us, cause


[Verse 2: Sonny Sandoval]
Yeah, I’m free to rock this mic to walk right in a dark night lighted by the sun (we are free)
I’m so free that I can fly while ya’ll can’t even crawl into a ball of freedom
In my life I count the cost I take lost accused of treason
And I could die for this cause and you might just be the reason
And in order to if I must die it’s denial of self
And if you claim to be the way that means there ain’t no one else
I trust it, done, there ain’t no room for discussion
So if you just don’t get it then let the just come with it
I know that much more is required of all that I’ve been given
But if ya’ll claim to be alive then you gotta start livin
You know why


[Verse 3: Dillavou]
And him the only one to take me out of Babylon
And him create me right and wrong
And him create me script and song
And that’s why we stand firm upon the rock on which salvation, man
And so we love the prospect and hope to put our helmet on
And that is why we build upon for each and every chosen one
Respectful to the elder-men who give guidance and correction
So don’t you quench the spirit man
The Word is truth, the Word is one
The Messiah give you Shalom


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Children Of The Light Lyrics- Lecrae (feat. Sonny Sandoval and Dillavou)

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