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Co-Sign Pt. 2 Lyrics- Lecrae (feat. Don Cannon)

[Intro: Don Cannon]
Hey, Coach, I think I’m ready
The wait is over (Cannon, Cannon)
It’s about time I suit up
And get ready for business (th-th-the Cannon)
See I been a menace since season one (the Cannon)
So we hard to gear up for season two
Only difference is… the army got stronger

[Verse: Lecrae]
Uh-oh I done woke up
Slept on me trying to eat with vultures
Ya’ll look frail, lemme feed the culture
Can’t get full off the lead and coke, huh?
Still sober? Y’all OD, follow me
With the rain follow me
(King!) ya’ll know the (King!)
Martin Luther (King!)
You ain’t really on a throne you in a dream
Wake up, wake up, ya’ll don’t want it
Down to The Wire, put Marlo on it
And es el chico malo, homey
And if I’m scared, I guess I don’t know it
Cause I’m still going
Still right where the heat at
And where I’m not supposed to be
That’s where I be at
And I spit that, sit back
Listen to the truth
‘Fore the sky crack and the Lord gets back
Or somebody want some hit back
And they click-clack, they be bent back
Leaking out that syntax
Never left but I been back
Cross on my big-knack
And I don’t rap Gospel, I live that
But I’m nothin’ but a gimmick
See me in a club
Funny, you was in it?
Skip a co-sign shout out to the homey Kendrick
And all I hear is crickets
When I run into the critics
(Oh well) it sure tells me a lot
When they tell me to rock
Keep my eyebrows raised smell what I’m cookin’?
And the sales may drop
Yeah, the mail may stop
But they ask for the truth
(Yeah then I’m a do it)
They like “how you do dat dair?”
Sounds kinda nice, boy “who dat dair?”
Is everything real, good, true and fair?
But you prob’ly wouldn’t listen
If you knew “dat dair”

[Outro: Don Cannon]
There’s nothing you could do or say to me
To knock me off my square
The Reach Records empire
The number one co-signer Don Cannon
(The Cannon, the Cannon)
Creepin’ out the lions’ den
So really all it takes
Is a little training camp
And the attributes go right back up
Left hook, check
Right hook, check
Upper cut is a check
Right, left, right, jab is a check
One-hundred wins and no losses
I think that sound about right
Church Clothes 2
The wait is finally over

Co-Sign Pt. 2 Lyrics- Lecrae (feat. Don Cannon)