Hope Will Rise- Victory Worship Lyrics

“Hope Will Rise” Lyrics
By: Victory Worship
Album: Radical Love

Words and Music by Jessica Chapman, Justin Chapman, Shayne Hill & James Murrell
© 2014 Every Nation Music

As we see Your glory, we sing You’re Holy
Hope will rise inside us, hope will rise inside
As we see Your glory, Your grace unfolding
Hope will rise inside us, hope will rise inside us

In Christ is our redemption
All sin and wrong forgiven
The empty grave our guarantee
In Christ we see God’s glory
Our matchless One most Holy
The King who reigns eternally

(Oh, oh, oh, oh) Our Savior has come
(Oh, oh, oh, oh) His love has overcome
(Oh, oh, oh, oh) The victory is won
(Oh, oh, oh, oh)


In Christ our blame is shifted
Our guilt and shame are lifted
In Him who suffered once for all

In Christ we find our purpose
Our works no longer worthless
Your kingdom come our present call


(CHORUS) (2x)

BRIDGE 1 (2x):
Arise from darkness, arise from sorrow
Arise from anguish, arise, arise

BRIDGE 2 (2x):
Arise the shameless, arise the faithful
Arise the righteous, arise, arise

(CHORUS) (2x)

OUTRO (2x):
(Oh, oh, oh, oh)
(Oh, oh, oh, oh)
(Oh, oh, oh, oh)
(Oh, oh, oh, oh)


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Hope Will Rise- Victory Worship Lyrics

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