Jehovah Lyrics- Amy Grant

Jehovah Lyrics
Amy Grant

Consider the lilies of the field
Solomon dressed in royal robes has not the worth of them
Consider the lilies of the field
He takes after each and every need
Leave all your cares behind
Seek him and you will find
Your father loves you so

Consider the lilies of the air
For all of the diamonds in all the earth have not the wealth of them
Consider the creatures of the air
Jehovah loves them with tender hands
He knows your every care
His touch is always there
To see you through the night

And Jehovah I love you so
And Jesus I want you to know
For all you’ve done for me to set me free
I’ll never let you go

Consider the lilies of the field
For how much more does he love his own if Yaweh cares for them
Consider the creatures of the air
He takes after each and every need
If we ask Him for bread
Will He give us a stone
Jehovah loves His own

[Chorus 2x]


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Jehovah Lyrics- Amy Grant

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