Make Me A Servant Of The Lord Lyrics

I wish to be made a Servant of the Lord,
To imitate the Servant of the Lord,
I wish not to riches hoard,
A broken reed I will not break,

Thus, I will not havoc on bruised lives wreak,
I will be gentle and meek,
Like The Servant of the Lord will I speak,

(Refrain 1 :Bruised reeds I will not break; smouldering wicks I will not snuff out; Until I become A Servant of the Lord)

A smouldering wick He would not snuff out,
I will also not snuff out smouldering lives,
For godliness in mercy thrives,

(Refrain 2 : Thank you for not breaking a bruised reed like me; Thank you for not snuffing out a smouldering wick like me)

The Servant of the Lord will not raise his voice in the street,
So, I will in imitation be just as modest and meek,
For the Kingdom of Heaven I will seek,
Praise everyone to be Servants of the Lord.

(Refrain 1 ; Refrain 2).

Make Me A Servant Of The Lord Lyrics

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