Nobody Ever (Only You) Lyrics- Steven Curtis Chapman

Nobody Ever (Only You)
By: Steven Curtis Chapman

I thought a heart of stone would be a safe place
To hide away the brokenness and pain
And I was so sure my empty eyes would be the last place
The light of love would ever shine again

But then with a miracle You found me
You did what no one else could ever do

Nobody ever loved the way that You love me
Nobody ever saw what You brought alive in me
Nobody ever knew how lost I was without You
(Nobody else could ever save me)
Nobody ever, only You

Never have I known this kind of freedom
Like a child dancing in the rain
I didn’t even know that I was locked inside a prison
And only You could break me from my chains

No one but You knew where to find me
You gave me life I never had before

Nobody ever loved me like You
Nobody ever loved me like You
Nobody ever saw me
Nobody ever knew me
Nobody ever loved me like You

No one else could ever save me
Only You


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Nobody Ever (Only You) Lyrics- Steven Curtis Chapman

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