Now That You’re Gone- Bebo Norman Lyrics

Now That You’re Gone
By: Bebo Norman

We saw the sunrise over the city
We saw the Angel lifting her eyes
You were the only one who could see me
I never meant to push you aside
I let love slip away

Now that you’re gone, now that you’re gone
I’m finally crawling out in the open
I took too long, I just took too long
And all that I ever wanted is broken
Now that you’re gone

So much for keeping all I was feeling inside
So many words I wanted to say
So good the reasons I was hiding behind
So good for nothing at the end of the day
I let you slip away

I know you say we all fall down
I know you say we all fall down
I know you say we all fall down
What happens now, what happens now


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Now That You’re Gone- Bebo Norman Lyrics

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