Rise Lyrics- Kari Jobe

Lead us to You
Show us Your mercy
Your majesty lifted up on high
It tells of Your goodness

Your name is true
Your name is holy
Your splendor is written in the skies
It tells of Your greatness

We will rise
To praise You
Offer our lives before You
Let every nation, All of creation
We will rise
You are worthy
Lift up our eyes to Your glory
Let every nation, All of creation
We will rise

We stand in awe
You won the victory
Your enemies tremble at Your name
It speaks of Your triumph
You clothe the poor
You mend the broken
You heal our hearts
You take our shame
It speaks of Your kindness

We will cry out Your renown
You are the God who has saved us
We will rise to praise You
We lift a glorious sound
You are the one who redeemed us
We will rise to praise You


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Rise Lyrics- Kari Jobe

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