Standing In Your Silence- Bebo Norman Lyrics

Standing In Your Silence
By: Bebo Norman

I came walking down this road
for a better point of view
threw down my heavy load
and what i found was you
and all of time stood still
caught up in time and space
i was a soul to tread
all weary from the race
and the voices in my head
you stepped inside and changed my will
oh me, oh my
i am standing in your silence
gonna stand here for a long, long time
well, its cold behind the earth
for a drifting satellite
but you know for what its worth
ivebeen praying for daylight
so slow my eyes to see
but its finally breaking day
and the morning time has come
and if i am fields of green
well, honey youre the sun
so slowly rise on me
take it easy, we can take it slow
honey, i dont mind
you know the seasons they may come and go
but youre always mine
youre always mine


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Standing In Your Silence- Bebo Norman Lyrics

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