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Ways How Ministry Leaders Should Handle Rejection

At some point in your walk or ministry, as a leader, you will be rejected for obeying God. The rejection comes in many forms such as ignoring you, flat out not believing what you say or do is God, and questioning the validity, power, and authenticity of the ministry gift God has given you. How do you respond when you encounter rejection? This article provides 13 proven tips to help leaders deal with rejection.

1) Look to the Example 

The validity, authenticity and power of Jesus’ work was questioned by the synagogue leaders (Matthew 12:22-30, 13:53-58). Hear Jesus’ words of encouragement to his disciples (Matthew 10:14-17, Matthew 7:26-28). 

2) Pray For the Person(s) 

Pray as Holy Spirit leads you for the person rejecting the message and rejecting you, the messenger. 

3) Better Recognize

Know that the person can be under spiritual attack. 

4) Pray for Yourself 

Ask God to shield you from the rejection, to release you from any slander or word curses spoken to you, and to keep your heart pure. Also, pray that you continue to move in love in the relationship and commit to continue to be a blessing to them until God moves you on. 

5) Stir Up the Gifts of God in You 

Reassure yourself that what you have been given belongs to God. It is a gift from God. You have been chosen to bear the gift and to use it severally and individually as He wills. The gift is perfect because it came from above. The gift is good and it brings richness and not sorrow. 

6) Do Not Take it Personal 

Rejoice that you are able to know God in this way as you are suffering with Him and bearing the marks of Jesus in your body. Rejoice I say, for truly you will reign with Him just as you suffered with Him and for Him. 

7) Keep it Moving 

Do not get stuck in your thoughts, emotions, feelings, and flesh. Seek God’s help to see it from His vantage point by asking, “What are you trying to teach me?” and “What area are you trying to reshape or mold in me?” You can also keep it moving by focusing on those who DO embrace and fully receive the gifts you impart to them. 

8) Keep it in Perspective 

You will not be received or rejected by everyone – Thank God! It’s healthy to have some conflict. If you are not experiencing any, ask God and yourself, “Am I doing, saying, and being what you want me to?” 

9) Aim Higher! 

Stay focused on your reward. Press toward the high calling in Christ Jesus. Think about your eternal impact and rewards. What crown will you be wearing? What will your work represent gold, silver, precious stones, or wood, hay and stubble? 

10)Execute Obedience Regardless of the Outcome 

There is a myth that says if everybody is happy with what I’m saying and doing, it must be effective and okay. The truth is when everybody is not happy with you, most likely God is pleased. Obey God period. 

11)Discern the Times We Live in 

Many have waxed cold in their love walk and are lovers of self not God. 

12)Set Your Face Like Flint 

Do not be moved by the praises of men or by men’s disapproval. They exclaimed Hosanna one minute for Jesus and cried out crucify Him, crucify Him the next moment. Be prepared for the same and rest in a clear conscience that comes from pleasing God. 

13)Don’t Render Evil for Evil 

Speak good of the person(s) who rejected the message/messenger. You have nothing to prove or defend. God will do the proving, defending, and validating.
Article written by:
Karen M. Pina
GOD’s Coach
Ways How Ministry Leaders Should Handle Rejection