Echoes from Heaven- Barney Warren Lyrics

“Echoes from Heaven” Lyrics
by: Barney Warren

Far away among the angels,
In the sweet celestial bow’rs,
Start the songs whose echoes gladden
As they greet this world of ours.

Hear the echoes filled with glory,
From the bright angelic throng;
Oh, the pure seraphic music
Finds an echo in our song,
While it gently rolls along.

How they stir the soul with rapture!
How they thrill the chords of love!
How they wake the songs of praises,
Floating up to worlds above!

Far away in worlds of glory,
We can hear the music sweet,
Where the streams of life are flowing
All along the golden street.

Far away in fields of glory
We shall meet, and God adore;
And the sweet redemption story
We shall sing forevermore.


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Echoes from Heaven- Barney Warren Lyrics

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