Fair Zion- Charles Naylor Lyrics

“Fair Zion” Lyrics
by: Charles Naylor

O beautiful Zion, fair bride of the Lamb,
Thy marvelous light we behold,
Which shone on the nations enshrouded by darkness,
And millions were brought to thy fold.

O Zion, fair Zion, thou church of the firstborn,
My heart in its rapture rejoices in thee;
The angels in heaven behold thee with wonder,
Thou glorious city, thou home of the free.

Eclipsed was thy luster by long papal night,
And dimly the dark cloudy day
Revealed thee to eyes that were earnestly searching
For truth and the heavenly way.

Thy light as the morning breaks forth in the earth,
Thy brightness all nations shall see;
The ransomed from Babel are eagerly turning
With songs of rejoicing to thee.

O Zion, blest Zion, thy sun shall no more
Go down in obscurity’s night;
From out thy perfection of beauty is shining
The rays of God’s wonderful light.

Eternity’s ages of bliss shall be thine,
In regions unclouded above;
And there shalt thou dwell evermore with thy Maker,
Delighting thyself in His love.


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Fair Zion- Charles Naylor Lyrics

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