We Are Missionaries On A Mission Lyrics

“We Are Missionaries on a Mission” Lyrics

We’re all going on a Great Mission,
To fulfill the Great Commission,
We are Missionaries on a mission,
To fulfill Jesus Christ’s Vision,
Who’s coming with us on this Great Mission ?

(Refrain;  Chorus:
We’re going on a Great Mission,
To fulfill The Great Commission,
To fulfill Jesus Christ’s Vision. )

Not even hails of bullets,
Will pierce our Shields of Faith,
We are Missionaries on a Great Mission,
To free the Earth from the Devil’s Dominion.
(Refrain; Chorus)

We hold the New Earth and New Heaven in our vision,
We are putting the Old Earth to termination,
The whole World is in Reformation,
Let us all spread the Gospel,
And the Devil’s Kingdom dispel,
Let us all spread The Good News,
And make Disciples of all Nations.

(Refrain; Chorus)


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We Are Missionaries On A Mission Lyrics

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