Ikantak Pannakabalin Lyrics- Ilocano Hymn

Ikantak pannakabalin Dios a napnoan laing,
Namarsuat’ langit ken daga ken baybay nalawa;
Init, bulan, ibagada, ken bituen aduda,
A ti Dios manakabalin intay’ nga’d dayawen

Wen, ikantak ti imbagna lubong pinunnona;
Ti masapsapul aduda, angpaay ‘ti parsua;
Apo, mannakabalinka siribmot’ makita;
Idiay langit ken ‘toy daga, agtulnogkam Kenka.

Ti mulmula ibagada sika naayatka;
Amin nga addakuam ida sikat’ sanggiranda
Amin a disso makitam, uray sadinoman;
Dioska nga awan pumada biagmi adda Kenka


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Ikantak Pannakabalin Lyrics- Ilocano Hymn

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