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Long Time Coming Lyrics- Lecrae (feat. Swoope)

I’ve been treating this part of life like a dance floor
Side stepping all the things I’ve made plans for
And I ain’t acting when I’m taking on the man’s roles
Chance to enhance the fam can be a handfull
I rather have my hands full than be empty-handed
Travel all around the planets till I have it planted
Grow roots like great grand pap, married 65 years, 20 kids, same family
Strong as an ox and I’m from the same stock
So I’ll won’t be hanging out ’till I see the sun o’clocks
It’s been a long time coming but I’m coming at a decent hour
Everything I’ve have is ours start the wedding shower
Teeball games in the summer ballet in the winter
And I ain’t scrolling through my twitter while we having dinner
Time to grow up, done drank until I throw up
Neglected little man for my plans, try’n to blow up
Some people are so focused on the road to success
They don’t see their whole family laying dead on the tracks.
I rather seize to have my lyrics spread over tracks
And put some family photos on the walls instead of plaques.

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re here now

I remember watching videos by Hype Will
Thinking I could do that if I had a nice deal
But the precedent is MC’s dead believe
They take the same exit that Mason Betha did
Cause when you’re talking steal then ya sound hard
But they let you out ya deal when you found God
Back to watching Hype Will, think about how I feel
Wishes spitting Christian wasn’t God’s will
It’s been a long time running, long time wondering
Long time humming stupid songs that I hated
From a rapper that I felt was overrated
‘Cause I knew that he was faking but he everybody’s favorite
Coming with that same “ha” had an 808 hit
Bricks that weight lift, chicks that is naked
I’m in my house studyin’ the scripts that is sacred
If this a success recipe I ain’t gonna make it
So many reasons not to. I only graduated high school
I’m from a small little city that they fly through, but never fly to
Just a plain town tryin’ to be fly too
A town rapper, we backed down never
So I’m bout to take my hood up like Trayvon
Fi’n to hold my hood down like your favorite mob
Ventilate some hood, now I’m with the favorite march.
Walk up with the king boy I’m about to Pharoah march.
Red Sea is my favorite part.
The Lord opened up a new avenue
In the street, got the dove award and we passin through.
Church clothes on the mic spitting what your pastor do
Looking at the world through our Master’s view.
Offer you the optic codes, keep this glasses, too.
On vying for the king, but we’re cold rappers, dude.

It’s been a long time coming

Long Time Coming Lyrics- Lecrae (feat. Swoope)