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David Crowder Band- Profile, Songs and Lyrics

David Crowder BandDavid Crowder Band (stylized as David Crowder*Band and The David Crowder*Band) was a six-piece Christian rock and modern worship band from Waco, Texas. Their final album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Christian and No. 2 on the Billboard 200 charts. They disbanded in 2012, with David Crowder pursuing a solo career under the name Crowder and the rest of the band, except for Mike Hogan, forming The Digital Age.

Prior to the album Church Music, the band preferred not to be referred to as “The David Crowder*Band”. They explained that they preferred to omit the article, and stated that they “may revisit this issue if other groups named ‘David Crowder*Band’ begin performing,” and may in fact, should that eventuality occur, insert “The Original” in front of the band’s present appellation. As of the release of Church Music, however, the band has begun referring to themselves using the article, and explained “we’ve been at for a while now without incident, so we felt justified in its formal inclusion.”

The band’s name is usually rendered with an asterisk, as “David Crowder*Band”. In a faux-documentary, while recording Church Music, Crowder joked that the asterisk meant, “David Crowder  (is about to go insane because Jack Parker continually tries to sabotage the work of the rest of the) band.

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